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    Posted by phancjcj on May 18, 2024 at 1:52 am

    Instead of betting on football based on emotions, experienced gamblers place football bets to significantly increase their chances of winning, potentially up to 80%. However, accurately placing bets is not easy for newcomers who lack experience. Therefore, Wintips has dedicated this article to sharing effective under/over tips free that you can refer to.

    Placing Football Bets According to Different Types of Bets

    There are many different types of football bets, each with distinct characteristics. When analyzing bets, you need to thoroughly research each type and apply your knowledge and strategy accordingly. Additionally, according to seasoned football gamblers, you can rely on odds and fluctuations to accurately predict the match outcome.

    Asian Handicap Betting

    The Asian Handicap is an attractive bet type favored by many. However, its calculation, payout ratios, and win/loss conditions are quite complex. There are odds where you win the whole bet, lose the whole bet, win half, or lose half. Therefore, to accurately place Asian Handicap bets, you need to be very cautious.

    Moreover, with this bet type, you should consider outcomes of winning or losing, not drawing. If, during the match, you realize your prediction might be wrong, you can choose to reverse your bet. However, this also means you might face consecutive losses without a clear playing strategy.

    European Betting

    Compared to the Asian Handicap, European betting is much simpler. This bet type has three options: win, lose, or draw, making it very suitable for beginners. However, when placing European bets, you should be particularly cautious of the “trap bets” set by bookmakers. These bets offer very high payouts but have a very low chance of winning.

    Over/Under Betting

    The Over/Under bet focuses on the total number of goals scored by both teams rather than the win/loss outcome. With this type of bet, if the bookmaker offers an initial rate of 3.5 goals, the likelihood of the outcome happening is over 55%. However, if the odds are 2 goals or less, the likelihood of a 1-1, 0-1, or 0-0 draw is very high, with over a 65% chance.

    Side Bets

    In addition to the main bet types like Asian Handicap, European betting, and Over/Under, you should also pay attention to side bets such as corner kicks, cards, etc., offered by top bookmakers. Since the match can be influenced by the number of cards or corner kicks, knowing about these side bets can help you accurately predict the match outcome.

    Basing Bets on Match-Related Information

    Match-related information is crucial and should not be overlooked. By researching and analyzing all relevant aspects, you can derive and make accurate betting decisions for yourself. The information you need to consider includes:

    What are the strategies of each team?

    Is the gameplay professional, focused on defense or attack?

    What is the lineup, are there top stars playing?

    What is the head-to-head history between the two teams?

    Where is the match being played, and which team does the weather favor?

    What is the recent match frequency for both teams?

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    Betting Based on a Team’s Cycle

    This is a method often used by professional bettors. By regularly following matches, you’ll know whether a team is at the peak or trough of its cycle. From there, you can make the most accurate decisions.

    Before placing a bet, research thoroughly about the team you want to bet on. Follow their performance in recent seasons and matches. Additionally, update yourself on player transfers within the team to have the most precise analysis and perspective.

    Bet at the Right Time

    Another tip for accurate betting today is to place bets at the right moment. The betting odds are not fixed from the time they are released until the end of the match. The bookmakers always adjust the odds to ensure their maximum profit.

    According to professional bettors, the best time to place a bet is around 4 – 5 PM, a few hours before the match starts. Moreover, you need to refresh the odds continuously to monitor them accurately. Keeping track of these changes will help you make timely adjustments.

    Place Multiple Bets at Once

    This is also a commonly applied betting strategy. By placing multiple bets simultaneously, you increase your chances of winning. If you lose one bet, another can compensate for that loss. Most reputable bookmakers in Vietnam offer a wide variety of bets from many large and small international tournaments, giving you plenty of choices.

    Choose Major Tournaments for Betting

    Every year, numerous football tournaments are held worldwide. However, these tournaments differ in nature. You should choose major tournaments like the Premier League, World Cup, Champions League, Europa League, Euro, etc., for betting. These tournaments gather strong teams that play their best for national pride, providing a fairer competition compared to smaller tournaments.

    Consider the Importance of the Match

    In addition to choosing the tournament, pay attention to the importance of the match and its timing within the season.

    Early Season: If the top team has more points than the lower team, bet on the lower team. If the top team has fewer or equal points, bet on the top team.

    Mid-Season: Bet on the lower team.

    End of Season: If the top team has more points than the lower team, bet on the top team. If the top team has fewer or equal points, avoid betting on that match.

    Prioritize Matches Between Two Equally Strong Teams

    You should prioritize betting on matches where the two teams are evenly matched. When teams have similar levels, they tend to play fairly, not just for money but also for national and team pride. In such cases, the bookmaker’s influence on the score is minimal, making it easier for you to predict the outcome.

    Don’t Be Influenced by Crowd Psychology

    Learning from the experience and tips of seasoned bettors is wise. However, do not rely on them completely as they are subjective and not 100% accurate in every situation. Many bettors make the mistake of following the crowd, doubting their own analysis and judgments, and betting where everyone else does.

    Each bettor should have their own stance. Be confident in your observations, analyses, and judgments. Even if you make a wrong bet, you will gain lessons for better betting in future matches.

    Above are the top 9 effective and accurate football betting tips app download compiled by Wintips from professional football bettors. Hopefully, these will become useful information to help you increase your winning percentage when participating in football betting.

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